My love story with Oamaru Stone

 My love story with Oamaru Stone

I am often asked where did I start? In 2007 when enrolled with The Learning Connexion as a distance learner I was able to attend a week long retreat at Yebo Art Studio! It was wonderful!

TLC sent Tutor/Artist Perry Scott and some tools... Yebo had piles of stone ready for us! For me I had arrived in heaven!

Early experimenting indicated that some of us were inclined to angular work and some to curvy. We split into two groups and drew straws to allocate who would complete each piece.

By the end of the first afternoon I was still working the stone madly! Others, more accustomed to a relaxed art environment, had showered and were blissfully balancing their attention between wine and the tantalising needs of a cheese board. I finished my first Oamaru stone work that afternoon. The curvy king was done!

Me? ...... yes I was smitten.

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Posted: Wednesday 25 April 2007


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