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Although parts of my website are improving, nothing beats old fashioned customer service. 

Please call Carla on 027 283 7662

You can ask questions and get customer service now.

(as long as it isn't "Unreasonable O'clock" thanks!)


I have changed from a bricks and mortar shop to a mobile service with a website during Rahui.

This is a physical move, a 100% stock take and the working out how to communicate tens of thousands of stock lines. It's a big job. 

Where the website doesn't help you yet I will.

Sculping in Oamaru Stone makes my soul sing

 Sculpting Oamaru Stone at Sculpture Play 3D Night Class

Open & Print

Here is the Tuesday night class schedule

Remember the afternoon sessions are strictly rsvp

Last updated 27 August 2018


Oamaru Stone sculpting at Sculpture Play 3D, Manawatu NZ.

Events on Facebook

For proposed dates ready to do one day workshops please see my facebook page.

Im also happy to try to negotiate days that suit you best so send me a message.


  • Anlya - Sculpture in Oamaru Stone

    Pick up only - Sculptures are heavy and fragile
  • Emerge ii - Oamaru Stone
    By Carla Woollaston


    The optimism of a new start. Vulnerable yet determined, this new life has everything to come. It is as it should be.

    290 x 175 x 140mm
  • Sculpting Block
    47cm x 33 cm x 32 cm

    Too large for courier
    Shipping options by negotiation
  • Newbee Voucher - Oamaru Stone Sculpting
    6 hour Oamaru Stone Sculpting at Newbury for 'new to me' students.
    9am - 4pm on confirmed days
    Learn about Oamaru Stone's use in 3D art, design, tool use and finishing techniques.
    Stone, sold separately.
    Vouchers expire 1 year from purchase.
    Your Invoice is your voucher. Please email me if you want a pretty version to print off for a gift.
  • Returnee Voucher - Oamaru Stone Sculpting
    3 hour Oamaru Stone Sculpting at Newbury for returning students.
    Any 3 hour session on confirmed days or night class bookings.
    2 vouchers will cover a whole day workshop.
    Continue your skills in Oamaru Stone's use in 3D art, design, tool use and finishing techniques.

    Stone, sold separately.
    Vouchers expire 1 year from purchase.

    Casual $45 each
    Bundle of 6+ gets a 20% discount
    Bundle of 10+ gets a 40% discount

    Your invoice/docket is your voucher
    Printable vouchers can be emailed
    Printed photo stock vouchers can be posted - allow 7 days.
  • Sculptor Droppings
    Calcium carbonate with trace elements, #oamarustone sculpting process makes agricultural lime for your garden.

    Swept up from the sculpting shed floor and sifted to remove the big lumps. Packed into washed out recycled plastic Milk Bottles.

    You will have to Google how and where to use it...

    Bottled #scuptordroppings $2
    Happy to ship for minimum purchase of 2 x 2Li bottles

    Fill your own - free
    Make a time to visit if you will like to bottle or bag your own.
    Bring your own containers.

Night Class Schedule

Oamaru Stone  at Sculpture Play 3D

Now a mobile service
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