Ahi Studios

2022 - 23 wish list

Open a pottery practice in Taihape

.....lots to get done!

Making the decisions around the operating model

Doing a restoration on the building

Found out there is no water supply

Doing a fitout and instalation of pottery gear

Maybe completely move to Taihape

....... lots to be decided!

Will I do all my creativity in Taihape?

Where would I live?

Will I commute for my Manawatu creativity?

Will I stay in Manawatu and commute to Ahi Studios

Who wants to be involved in the Taihape Pottery Practice / Studio?

I am ready to hear from people who have an interest in a pottery studio as well as other creativity in Taihape.

While certainly looking for people who want to be involved, it is valuable to hear everyone's thoughts 

I would really appreciate chatting to anyone with possitive and negative considerations.

Taihape Pottery Survey

This survey can be used for a quick response and I welcome phone calls also.


2023 - Set the business Model

Ahi studios will open as a not for profit foundation.

Providing an opportunity for people to grow their creative confidence, foster inspiration and experience their own creative response.

The foundation will rely on partnerships to deliver a broad offering and fund the resources we need.

2023 - Focus on renovations

We are currently navigating the discovery that there is no water supply to the building :)

The mud room part of Ahi Studios has had a new wall installed. The wall is a ware drying rack at the same time.

Many hours have been spent sanding the old carpet adhesive from the mud room floor.

2022 - Focus on Taihape

Around October 2021 the idea of bringing all my resources and energy to Taihape started to make sense.

2018 - Start where you are

In february 2018 I make my first plaster cast for cast porcelain.

2017 - Collecting Tools

By May 2017 I have bought a collection of tooling for the very dreamed about "pottery". I end up with a selection of kilns and old style wheels.

I am a member of a nearby pottery club and the only thing I am really learning is just how much I don't know. 

2016 - Here's the back story - I want a pottery

In 2016 I was caught up in watching the BBC telly program "The Great Pottery Thowdown". it was wonderful and inspiring and informative...... and did I mention ....inspiring!

As you begin to get into a new creative genre you start to encounter the barriers.

Need to fire the stuff - need a kiln

Want to teach people to make stuff - need some space

Discover half made stuff is fragile - need some space

Need the glazing materials - need some space

Since 2016 I have stalked commercial leases and properties to buy with single minded criteria..... let's open a pottery.

1990's - The picket fence years

I did a term of two of pottery club session during my picket fence years in the 90s. 

I quickly came to understand that getting creative was so valuable to life balance.

Creativity sparked a different way of life for me.