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  • Development
    I have a brain wired for fresh thinking... If you have found your way to this page you might be s
  • Ochre Arts
    Ochre Arts is my little art supply service. You can order online or shop personally with me.
    I have started with Pottery. What I probably mean is I have started with pottery again. There was t
  • Own Grown
    Of plant and planting.... My love of propagating means my creativity spends a whole lot of time with
    Sculping in Oamaru Stone makes my soul sing! In 2007 I cut into my first piece of Oamaru Stone! I
  • Withy Way
    Withy (noun) a tough, flexible branch of an osier or other willow, used for tying, binding, or ba
    Yesteryear fabrics that make you go, ngwaw!