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I am Carla Woollaston, a Manawatu creative agent who provides personal, community and commercial creative options for process development, works & materials, workshops, and events.

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This is me. 

I'm no guitarist, but I'm willing to give it a go.

I can help you work out where you can go with your creativity too.

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Kea's Mugshot

..and this is the artist informally known as Kea. 

A clever creative man!

He is also the muscle round here and makes all the difference as to what becomes possible!

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Featured Products

The next best time is right now.

Don’t put off your own creative response any longer!

Oamaru Stone Sculpting in Manawatu NZ

Sculpture Play 3D

Sculpting and sculpture in Oamaru Stone. Materials, Sculptures, Workshops & Nightclasses

Our love of Timber work

Saw-did Details

All about our love of recycling, timber and woodworking

Sewing up a storm of reclaimed and recycled fabrics

Jarma Bums

Of fabric and fibre, Jarma Bums is mostly about reclaimed fabrics and freestyle design. 

Styling & Gifting with plants, garden art and #reuserism

Own Grown

Styling and Gifting with plants, garden art and #reuserism


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