I have started with Pottery. What I probably mean is I have started with pottery again. There was that tiny effort back in the picket fence years when I would escape once a week to play with mud. I am really enthusiastic about understanding process. Pottery demands this in spades! Follow my blog to share the pains and delights of continuous learning in this craft. Keep an eye on my events for opportunities to participate in my experiences. Buy lovely supporters, Buy! if you spot a piece that you love please buy it. When people buy pottery potters get more clay, and more pottery gets made!

  • Pottery by Carla
    After a small dabble at a pottery club back in my picket fence years I always wanted to learn more. In recent years I took to watching the BBC's Great Pottery Throwdown. Each week, cup of tea in hand I would sit waiting for 7pm to roll round. The show introduced so very many more ideas than I had experienced! I was hooked! Of course this was followed by accidentally getting a contract in a production pottery.... driving a keyboard, nothing very pottery. But I got to listen to pottery people! It was wonderful! Then I started buying my own equipment!
  • Pottery Experiences/Services
    Collaborative learning and shared pottery facilities