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Option 1: Deadline Treaty 31 January 2024, if not sold prior.

Option 2: Selling shares, including options for new occupant within The Shelter Syndicate system.

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I am designing a system that I want to be a customer of

Do our actions today serve our descendants?

The plan is to co-own shelter for progressive ownership and establish housing stability into the 10 to 500 year future

I want to replace the status quo which over 50 years sends an estimated $1.8 Million into interest and change of ownership costs for one home valued at $500k

Maths Details Here

Combining co-ownership with progressive ownership we will have to opportunity to quit those costs.

Putting in place people partnerships the yield we pay for the part of the home we don't yet own goes to people at either end of their ownership pathway. 

I am designing a "get secure steadily" system.

I want to know what an un-squeezed population lives like. Could we experience measurable improvements in

  • primary health outcomes
  • education uptake
  • relationship quality
  • crime & violence statistics
  • hopelessness conditions & events

I want to witness this change in my lifetime, and I want this legacy for the decendants of my whanau.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has"
Margaret Mead

The Status Quo

No one is talking about what it could take to shrink to cost of housing.

If we were trapped spending $23 buying $5 worth of apples in a $18 plastic bag there would be uproar!

In NZ, on average, we change residential property ownership every 7.4 years. 

This adds huge impacts to the expenses. 

  • We are operating in the expensive part of any mortgage. 
  • We are doing Cost of Ownership Change (CoOC) repetitively.

Ignoring capital gains and inflation for this sample, a $500k home bought and sold 7 times in 52 years generates an estimated $1.8 million** of interest and change of ownership costs.

**Read the maths here

No one was talking about it because there has been no real alternative until now

"We are being taught to hunt for a better interest rate, when we should be hunting for a better idea"
Carla Woollaston, July 2023

The Idea...

is that we form a Cohort and we buy homes outright with no lending and hold them for the purpose of shelter. 

The goals are to 

  • enable people to own a share of the housing stock with radically diminished barriers
  • mitigate market add on costs of shelter
  • enable progressive ownership
  • establish housing stability into the 10 to 500 year future

Different members at different stages of their life will want to change how the system is working for them. The Shelter Syndicate has four plans. 

  • Growth
  • Hold
  • Drawing
  • Exit

The system moves people through these plans as fits different age and stage of life.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"
Hellen Keller

The Cohort

Cohorts are co-owners and are like partial landlords, and will...

  • be shareholders of The Shelter Syndicate
  • buy percentages of a home's capital represented by percentage leases to lease
  • be exposed to capital gains/loss on the percentage lease they have purchased
  • earn their percentage of the yield, quarterly
  • be able to buy more percentage lease at each quarter cycle

Each Occupant is a co-owner too and are a bit like tenants or owner occupants, and will...

  • be shareholders of The Shelter Syndicate
  • buy percentages of the home's capital represented by percentage lease to occupy
  • pay the opex weekly
  • occupy the percentage of the lease they own for no further lease fee
  • pay the percentage yield weekly for the lease they do not own
  • be exposed to capital gains/loss on the percentage lease they have purchased
  • be able to buy more percentage lease at quarter cycle

The Shelter Syndicate will...

  • own the homes we hold for shelter
  • be transparent to the cohorts and occupants due to us all being shareholders

Cohorts & Occupants can set their membership status to one of the following;

  • Grow
  • Hold
  • Drawing
  • Exit

The service company Ltd will

  • administer the relationship between Cohorts and Occupants
  • run initiatives to grow membership and ownership
  • complete compliance for the activities of The Shelter Syndicate

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses"
Henry Ford

This is us

The alpha test for The Shelter Syndicate has been carried out by Kea, my estranged partner and I. Since our separation in January 2021 we have agreed to avoid the cash and homelessness version of a normal divorce. Instead, we have experienced capital gains and we are both holding a compelling view of what we are growing for our individual futures

In August 2023 we are ready to include friends and family in the Beta test of the system

The Beta test puts our home into the system

With favourable results of process, policy and member feedback we will announce the launch of The Shelter Syndicate to our subscribed encouragers and then the general public

On launch we will be ready to bring more homes into the system, changing the future for those who are curious or inspired by this idea

“The truth is that falling hurts. The dare is to keep being brave and feel your way back up"

Brene Brown

Is this you?

Registrations of interest are being sought.

At buy in you will become a shareholder of The Shelter Syndicate. Registrations need to be made in your legal name. On validation you will have details and updates made available to you. You will also be among the first people to be offered membership when we are ready to launch.

The Shelter Syndicate is a system for your patient money. Think about the money that you want to be working for you quietly for the long haul.

With no minimum buy in, imagine slowly building housing ownership with your coffee budget. Alternatively, rapidly building housing ownership by combining yield and capital.

The ultimate act of rebellion is to buy into the housing market, side stepping the system that had been designed to lock so many out.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi

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