a little about my creative work

I am Carla Woollaston, 


A Manawatu creative agent who provides personal, community and commercial creative options

for process development, works & materials, workshops, and events.


I'm no guitarist, but I'm willing to give it a go.

I can help you work out where you can go with your creativity too.


Works that already exist in my creative story may help you decide where you want your creativity to go. 

Here is a look at some of the styles and disciplines I have travelled through.

  • This is a little work that My Sister and I designed and made together for our mum. Used as a wee light letting window in a new internal wall in Mum's home - it was an appreciated gift
  • Acrylic on Canvas experimenting with grey scale.
  • Freestyle mosaics of obscure glass 2005 #mosaic #mosmat #gardenart #gardengifts
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 2006 Commission Creating a lizard on a large garden boulder
  • Loss wax casting. Cast glass guitar slide featuring rose bud details.
  • Emerge - in Oamaru Stone By Carla Woollaston
  • this is the first of this lovely series.
  • Sold. Kind thanks to Huia Photography and Studio. By Carla Woollaston An introverted piece, looking at movement round the self. Both high and low lines belong to the whole. It is as it should be. 4.64kg, 255 x 155 x 200mm
  • Keep an eye on events for shape making workshops. The single piece mold is a very groovy shape making exercise. #thistleburnpottery #slipcasting #tumbler #pottery
  • Once I bought Ochre Arts I decided to work out why so many people loved water Colour
  • These groovy little easels herald the arrival of my bandsaw! #upcycle #oldmadenew