Taihape Pottery Studio - Survey

I am opening a Pottery Studio in Taihape.

The goals of the Studio are to Inspire Creative Participation and Build Creative Confidence

For the Studio to succeed I am reaching out for opinion, participants and supporters.


The Pottery Practice will be the core of what we do:

I will be looking to find 3 or 4 Practice Potters to take leadership roles: Kiln Master, Clay Master, Curator/Communications, and the Book Keeper.

The Practice Potters will be encouraged and supported to grow their pottery style.


I'll be looking for Local and visiting Role Models/Tutors who can teach their range of skills.


The Pottery Practice will offer membership much like a gym membership. Subscribing Members will have rights and responsibilities in the studio.

As well as being able to have self-led pottery time Practice Potters, Members and public guests can join a variety of workshops and events throughout the year.


I hope that as our practice grows the calibre of events and the range of ware that we will produce would grow to be well sought after. I would invite members of the public to consider a patronage to support what we are achieving. Patrons would enjoy special invitations to event launches and even more exciting......... 

...to the kiln openings when we have visiting potters!!!


Do you want more pottery in your life?

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Tell me about you and pottery!

I will like to keep you updated The newsletter comes from carla@fluffymilk.comUpdate your options at any time.

Tick all the statements that already apply to you
I would be interested in participating in The Pottery Practice as

Tick any that apply

Where do you live?
If you are interested in sharing your skills, please can I have your social @ and/or webaddress to have a wee look at your work?

Also include the social media of any potters you know do some teaching near us.

What else can a community centric studio offer?

If you think in terms of what The Pottery Practice can offer people in the way of skills, confidence and connection...

Now what other genres of creativity would you like to see included?

7 ideas off the top of my head are.... book binding, paper making, leadlighting, glass fusing, photoshop skills, felting, mosaics, & macrame...

What are your thoughts?

Please list other creative genres you would like to see considered.

Are you able to lead any of these ideas?

Anyone else I should be talking to?

Now just a few contact details about you so I can follow up.
Any last thoughts? Who else can you think of that I should be talking to?
Any last thoughts?

Who else can you think of that I should be talking to?


Please keep any eye out for Newsletters to keep up with my progress