Glaze hunting

Glaze hunting

Looking at the glazes I have been using for my tumblers I feel like there are a few options missing.

I have my PoP glazes.

These are bright White glaze inside and round an outer band with and outer coating either of three bright colours.

Waterfall is a matte turqouise which throws a lovely watery run where it is overglazed eith the clear coat.

Recent firings of Waterful have given a washed out version of this lovely bold colour. The faded wash of waterfall is finding some followers too.

Nasturtium is a bright blaze of shiney orange glaze. The bright white is repeated in the tumbler and where the lips touch. Nasturtium masks the bright white with a blunt change in colour.

Cecil's Rose makes my heart sing! The bright white delivers a subtle watery looking run with this matte pink glaze. The wobbly dipping method gives little variations in the colour intensity

I recently teamed these up with a plain bright white glaze.

Posted: Wednesday 17 November 2021