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    Generation Taihape FAQ

    Generation Taihape #2019 Banner

    How much will it cost me for materials, to decorate a tile and to have the tile fired?

    For a person or a non profit group 

    9 x 15cm tile $31

    15 x 15 cm tile $35

    18 x 15cm tile $38

    25 x 15cm tile $43

    For commercial entities and service sector

    9 x 15cm tile $99

    15 x 15 cm tile $112

    18 x 15cm tile $122

    25 x 15cm tile $138

    You can buy tickets now HERE

    When will the first workshops be held?

    The first workshops are planned for 

    22 June 2019 - Taihape  5pm, 6pm ,7pm & 8pm

    23 June 2019 - Taihape  9am, 10am & 11am

    10 July 2019 - Taihape  7pm & 8pm

    11 July 2019 - Taihape 9am, 10am & 11am

    Would you come and do a workshop at my venue?

    Yes, depending on the space and number of people with tickets, I am happy to find a way that this will work.

    If I love my tile too much do I still have to give it to the installation?

    You can choose whether you submit your tile to be installed in the community project. Also you might like to make several tiles and choose from that which one to submit.

    Can I put lots of tiles in for the installation?

    The project needs to be accessible to lots of people. To start with a selection of one each would be the right way to allocate the space. If there are less tiles received than planned then extras may be included