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Information and FAQ about the project

The ‘triangle’ in Taihape, proudly displays hand formed tiles that resulted from an initiative by the Taihape & District Community Arts Council. These tiles display the names and art of Taihape people, organisations and businesses. There is also a record of those, who in 1994 re-enacted the first European settlers traverse of the Ruahine ranges as a 100 year commemoration.

Another quarter century is nearly upon us.

There is a strong community interest in repeating the project. 

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This is some of the current data for you to be able to share with anyone who doesn't use the internet.

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Inclusiveness Policy & Application form

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The point of a project like this is to include as many people as possible. We have some sponsorship for some free and half priced personal tiles to be completed. We will also be offering a helper’s promotion.We also will like the opportunity to address as many barriers to participating as possible. So please let us know about your needs regarding, mobility, geography, or any other circumstance that may stop you participating.


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How much will it cost me for materials, to decorate a tile and to have the tile fired?

For a person or a non profit group 
9 x 15cm tile $31
15 x 15 cm tile $35
18 x 15cm tile $38
25 x 15cm tile $43
For commercial entities and service sector
9 x 15cm tile $99
15 x 15 cm tile $112
18 x 15cm tile $122
25 x 15cm tile $138
 Sgraffito tiles of Huia and Tui


Look at Sgraffito


If you will like a sneak preview of the styling for the #generationtaihape2019 installation you are welcome to click through to a mood board I have collected up on my Pinterest account.

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