Try Life Drawing III - 24SEP2022 9.30am

  • Try Life Drawing III - 24SEP2022 9.30am
Try Life Drawing
24 September 2022
9.30am to 11.30am

CBD Venue
NZ$ 30.00
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Have you wanted to try life drawing? For those who haven't been, you might like a gentle nudge!

Life drawing can really develop your observation drawing skills.

We work to capture what we see instead of what we had expected.  We gain experience in seeing how the light changes over the body's form, how the shadows deepen. We become more fluent in representing the variety of perspectives from different angles.

We practice quick capture and slower more considered detail. 

In capturing what we are observing we can also take new methods and new materials for a spin. We can play with contrast and intensity.

Standard life drawing sessions appear to outsiders as a groovy club of people who know something we don't. They turn up with the stuff they need and they get on with doing the stuff that they do.

I like to offer Life Drawing sessions with a twist.

This session will be 3 fold

1 - Time with a clothed model. Carla chats about methods and materials.

2 - Nude model time. We discuss ways to try new approaches.

3 - Nude model time. Carla drops back letting the balance of our time run like a standard Life Drawing session. You will be doing the stuff you do!

Bring along your own drawing gear; paper or visual journal. Pencils, charcoals, pastels, pens, etc

Drawing board, clip board or easels are welcome too.

Session supplies will include a variety of options to dip in and out of too.

Novice and experienced guests welcomed

NZ$ 30.00
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