Pottery Firing Service

  • Pottery Firing Service
NZ$ 10.00

Kiln God's Waiver

By using this service you are accepting, while I will handle your work as though it is my own, that there may and likely will be some losses in the firing process, and that the service is still charged for all outcomes.

Firing your work brings the clay to metamorphic temperatures. Opening the kiln can reveal wonder, indifference or heartbreak. Even experienced potters with well honed skills experience losses in the kiln. It is said that we leave it up to the "kiln gods"

Things you can research and learn to reduce the number of losses include

  • attention to handling care
  • clay preparation
  • even/slow drying methods
  • attention to design considerations

How the firing service works. Book, Drop off, Pay Deposit, I'll fire the work, Pay Balance and pick up.

To BOOK your firing use the product enquiry tab to let me know what you want fired. 

You can book for Bisque Firing for your greenware or Glaze Firing for your bisqueware


  • How long ago the work was created
  • Number of pieces
  • Clay body manufacturer
  • Clay body name
  • Clay body firing cone/temp

And for glaze firing of your bisqueware, include;

  • Glaze manufacturer
  • Glaze series, colour name, and item number
  • Glaze firing cone range
  • How many coats of each glaze is applied

How the service is charged

Bisque firing is simply charged at $10 per kg. I weigh the work after it is fired.

Glaze firing is charged with per piece and volume.

This accounts for the way glaze firing takes more capacity and time. Also the greater risk to the shelves of glaze drip.

Currently Glaze firing is charged out as

  • $1 per piece
  • $6k/m2 volume charge
  • With a minimum charge of $2 per piece

To show how this adds up

My coffee cup I am drinking from just now;

Piece charge $1

240gms         $0

14x10x8cm    $6.72

Glaze Firing charge of $7.72

And alternatively a salad bowl I have here;

Piece charge $1

823gms         $0

25x25x14cm    $52.50

Glaze Firing charge of $53.50

Dropping off and picking up your work

Please unload your pieces onto the booking shelf and take your boxes and packaging away with you. Inspect each piece carefully for cracks/breaks and take home anything you do not want fired. 

Picking up your work promptly is appreciated as I am working with limited space.

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NZ$ 10.00