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I have a brain wired for fresh thinking... If you have found your way to this page you might be searching for an existing solution or some new eyes on your own challenge.

I most love to apply my style of thinking to people and their hopes & needs.

If you have found your way to this page you may already have a set of circumstances or thoughts that have you ready to resolve.

Just like a physical creative process, any other process has a plethora of options and non-negotiables to bring order to. Often an outside perspective of your considerations can bring clarity to where you choose to focus your attention and energy.

I call what I do Reflective Listening. I am taking what I hear from you and I find the patterns and pattern gaps that can unlock the resolution.

I can be called on to enter into an accountability cycle with you. This supports you in knocking off the small and large tasks to acheive the resolution you have chosen.

When forging any path in our art practice it becomes valuable to gain inspiration, feedback and challanges from artists around us. Art Path is a deliberate process to seek this growth out.

Founded in 2022, in the aftermath of both economic and personal impacts of the global pandemic, Art Path is about reconnection, reinvigoration and reignition.

Art Path and any Art Path tools I develop will be open source. Creative people who wish to uplift other creative people needn't reinvent the wheel, but may just take their turn at passing this batton.

  • Carla Woollaston, multifvaceted creative, uses her ideation and developer strengths to bring you thr