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...the creative response

I am Carla Woollaston, a Manawatu creative agent who provides Art Supplies, Process Development, Art Works, & Workshops for personal, community and commercial creativity.  read the about page here....

Sculpting with Carla Woollaston

A long love of reductive sculpting has lead to sharing this work with novice and experienced sculptors

Whole Day Workshops for Summer

Evening Classes for returning sculptors

Process Planning appointments

Sculptures, commissions and Oamaru stone sales continue

Pottery with Carla Woollaston

Craving the process rhythm of playing with mud I have developed a cherished starting point

Cast porcelain drinkware

Small group workshops

Contract kiln firing (1 cubic foot)

Pica Collection

Glass and tile continue to fascinate me. 

The way these materials can be used to tell a story and how the reveal pops has always kept my creative attention.

Hoarding bright shiny things shows us that the magpie in my spirit is strong 

Jarma Bums

Jarma Bums are hand made in Manawatu, NZ

I am a novice sewer who has taken a shine to retro sheets and bedlinen

 Such gorgeous old fabrics! Such fun!




Creativity gives us freedom!

In the same way that confidence gives us freedom, I think creativity makes us able to cause change in our lives. The practice of a creative process primes our world view to openness. In this openness we are more able to strike upon solutions.

Creativity is kin to Ecology!

In the same way that frugality sits opposite to waste, I see a creative response as a way to lessen our footprint on our ecology. Where we can engage creativity to meet our recreation and functional needs we have a real opportunity to design and take responsibility for how our actions impact the world around us.

Creativity changes people & it is people who change the world.

The next best time is right now.

Don’t put off your own creative response any longer!