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Yesteryear fabrics that make you go, ngwaw!

I fell deeply in love with the nostalgic fabrics I was seeing in the op'shop shelves.

Given a pair of designer PJ bottoms for christmas several years earlier I knew what it meant to wear till thin your favourite snuggle wear. Sadly, there came a day when the waistband and the leg no longer connected.

It was over!

I spent a quiet weekend styling another couple of pair out of some much loved retro sheets.

Then, I heard the telling of the lover who bought my friend a pair of commercial pajamas, made in a tiny person nation somewhere.... sadly there was not enough pajama to snuggle her ample figure. 


This made me think!  Jarma Bums for every bum!

Jarma Bums are

freeform sewing

reclaimed fabrics

deliberately and deliciously wonky

nostalgia evoking

un-repeatable, bespoke, made in the moment

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