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Sculping in Oamaru Stone makes my soul sing! In 2007 I cut into my first piece of Oamaru Stone! I have been dusty and deeply satisfied with the process ever since. Working Oamaru stone take a similar effort to working timber. Yet with the stone there is no grain direction to consider. You can use ordinary tools readily available in hardware or 2nd hand shops.

Learn Oamaru Stone Sculpting

Skill Sharing

I run workshops & nightclasses for those wishing to learn sculpting from me.

I offer 1:1 appointments to consult on your own project/Installation

Gorgeous Oamaru Stone and Glass Art Headstone

Sculptures & Commissions

I undertake commission work in Stone and many other mediums.

Buy OamaruStone Sculpting Blocks

Sculpting Tools & Materials

Small blocks can be shipped or picked up. Larger blocks are available by appintment from the workshop site, with some delivery options on offer too.