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I have started with Pottery. What I probably mean is I have started with pottery again. There was that tiny effort back in the picket fence years when I would escape once a week to play with mud.

I am really enthusiastic about process understanding. Pottery demands this in spades!

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  • Shape Making - 13 January 2019, Single Piece Mould
    We are making One Piece Casting Moulds
    Join us for a collaborative, hands on workshop where participants will
    • Make and resolve a form to cast
    • Pour your plaster cast
    • Experience casting in an existing mould
    • Dress your mould for later use.

    Casting is a wonderful method for making sets of pottery work, bringing consistency to your production.
    Cast making skills will allow you to be more deliberate in your form making and give you freedom to explore your glazing work in a way that can bring your body of work together.
    Join us!

    The workshop is held at Sculpture Play 3D, Newbury, Palmerston North.
    Places are limited.

    All materials supplied.
    Bring a note book or visual diary
    Bring inspiration for tumblers, bowls or tiny plates.
    Bring your lunch
    Pottery wheel available for use.

    Please see T&C for Cancellation Policy
    NZ$ 168.00

1041 Rangitikei LIne
Palmerston North


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