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After a small dabble at a pottery club back in my picket fence years I always wanted to learn more. In recent years I took to watching the BBC's Great Pottery Throwdown. Each week, cup of tea in hand I would sit waiting for 7pm to roll round. The show introduced so very many more ideas than I had experienced! I was hooked! Of course this was followed by accidentally getting a contract in a production pottery.... driving a keyboard, nothing very pottery. But I got to listen to pottery people! It was wonderful! Then I started buying my own equipment!

This is the start of my casting story...

I make these cast porcelain tumblers as a nod to the old style glass I remember my grandfather using. The dimples round the base settle into your hand when you hold it. 

My first shape is named for Geoff, then I formed a finer shape, this I named for my grandmother, Edith. These two wee tumblers take about 180ml

My third shape in this series I made when my niece wanted a water glass. This one holds about 500mls and I have named it Frankie for the name she and my dad share. It is pretty good for a very icy, very tall glass of G&T too.

Blue Eyes - Glaze

This is such a nostalgic colour. A glorious blue with tons of character. The highlights and tones remind me of smiling blue eyes.

This teams up really well with Saddle & Willow. Like matching denim with a white shirt and tan boots....classic!

Pop Glazes

I totally love these! I call them Cecil's Rose, Nasturtium & Waterfall. The White porcelain shows through a clear glaze with a Pop of colour thrown about the outside.

I have added a bright white glaze to mix up this range too.

Elemental Glaze

OK, so let's be clear these need a little more work. Over there on the middle/left that was meant to be called Mist.... In reality it turned out more like "got the landrover stuck in the mud near the cattle stop"

I'm wanting to acheive a collection of matte white, speckled white, grey and near black.  I think I will have another go at Mist one day soon

I'm pretty happy with Saddle & Willow. They team up really well with Blue Eyes.

Pottery is Available from Pokapu Gallery in Bulls (opening soon)

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