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Botanical Inks

Botanical Inks
“Botanical Inks”

Tutor: Lara Morgan
2 hour Experiment and experience making your own botanical inks

Anything can be an art supply if you try hard enough. Plant matter included. After being inspired by a creator on TikTok, Lara began to explore creating inks with rose petals.

Join her for a collaborative session making and testing the colours that nature inspired.
NZ$ 52.00
Per Pax
Lara Morgan
Creative Learning
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Held at Do-I, our collaborative workshop space in Shop 2, 89 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North

Maximum guests: 5
Minimum guests: 3
Prepared for adult and youth. No previous experience needed.

Offered as standalone sessions. But if this journey becomes your go to thing watch for more sessions announced in the coming months.

Fri 29 Jan 2021, HH 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Bring or Buy List
Mortar and Pestle/something to crush up the plant matter, flower petals of your choice (dried or fresh), Any little jars for storing your inks (baby food jars would be fab)
Provided: fixatives & Paper

Read my introduction to Lara Morgan where you will find links to her website and social media at

Full refund will be made if your ticket date falls into Covid Alert 2, 3 or 4. Read T&C for other details.