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I run a little art supply service looking after professional artists through to hobby artists in Palmerston North. I ship NZ wide and have several local delivery and drop off plans.
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Series 128.Hog hair flats on short plainwood handles. Good clean edge and won?t lose hairs like similar cheap brushes - ideal for student use. Rounds are great for all painting techniques. Good, economic, hardwearing brushes with plainwood handles and well-set bristle for preliminary work and rough treatment! These brushes don?t feature as many "flags" as the Professional Bristle Brushes, not the inter-locking effect, but they make great work-horses for your oil painting. ABOUT DA VINCIFor three generations, Da Vinci, Germany, has created the highest quality artist and specialty brushes. Today, the family owned business offers the largest selection of artist brushes in the world. Each brush is crafted with pride to Da Vinci's exacting standards. Using the finest raw materials available, skilled brushmakers draw on centuries old wisdom and input from contemporary professional artists. Using the latest technical innovations, they create brushes of unsurpassed beauty, quality and endurance.

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