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New from Art Spectrum' '.. a plein air premium board with a secret' Art Spectrum' Colourfix' Premium Board is an high density archival and acid free foamcore board, hand screen printed with Art Spectrum' Colourfix' Primer. The secret that separates this board from all others is a super thin layer of Aluminum within the board that prevents warping and helps provide this substrate's lightweight and sturdy characteristics. Colourfix' Premium Board has a robust toothy surface that will hold multiple layers of pastel without the need for fixative, allowing the velvet bloom and vibrant colour of pastel to be preserved. The new Art Spectrum' Colourfix' Premium Board comes in 6 lightfast colours all with the Original Colourfix' tooth. It is a superb substrate for pastels, oil colours, acrylics, inks, oil pastels, gouache, watercolours and dry media such as charcoal and pencils. Colourfix' Premium Board is available in 16 x 20' and ready to be framed without the need for a backing board. What else you should know about this board: The substrate board is acid free containing no lignin's. The glue used in this product is also acid free. Aluminum thickness: 6.3'm Colours available: White, Deep Black, Rose Grey, Blue Haze, Soft Umber & Terracotta. Plus a rainbow pack containint one of each colour. Each Colourfix' Premium Board is individually wrapped in a re-sealable archival Krystal Seal storage bag.

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