DAS Professional HD Canvas

NZ$ 47.80
Professional is the stretched canvas of choice for aspiring artists wanting to create more durable artwork for sale or show. Professional canvases are manufactured using a heavy duty 100% natural long fibre cotton making it more substantial than most off-the-shelf pre-stretched canvases on the market. The canvas is triple primed with an acid free acrylic gesso to ensure the integrity of your artwork. Adjustable stretcher bars are made from kiln dried plantation Pine with clean beveled edges ensuring there is no contact between the frame and the face of the canvas. We tailor our corners for a neat finish without cutting the canvas. Cutting of corners reduces bulk for a neat appearance but compromises the ability to expand the corners or re-stretch your work without tearing. As with all pre-prepared canvas products, for additional luminosity and consistency of your paint film, a further application of a good quality primer compatible with the paint system you intend to use is advised.
No in-store stock, totally happy to order this in for you. Some COVID delays apply


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