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Dear Creatives,

I hope you are finding enough rest and peace in the Rahui to ease the problems we all share at this unfamiliar time. 

I am working from home. At present I am engaged in a thorough stock take of the products I was able to bring home. 

The buy button has been disabled for products that I still have to count. 

I will send a newsletter once I am ready to receive orders again.You are welcome to email me in advance to get in the queue for the stock I do have available.

Please read the Pandemic Plan on the home page.

Keep well & keep creating!

Kindest regards, Carla

Brand new formulation. 90 single pigment colours! Pigmented to the maximum working strength. No blending powders, no additives, just pure colour. 90 single-pigment colours. Transparent, clear, and bright. Formulated and perfected, colour by colour, using carefully selected raw materials. The highest degree of pigment purity and quality. The highest degree of stability to light, even when the colour has been heavily diluted. Pigments are dispersed within a perfectly balanced blend of natural Kordofan gum arabic and glycerine. (find 08032810007537)
NZ$ 30.70
Paint & Mediums - Watercolour
Maimeri blu New Formulation
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