Jovi Wax Crayons

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Small, thick, soft... That's what Jovicolor wax crayons are like! Suitable for all ages, but particularly suitable as little children's first crayons. Why? Because they do not stain, they are odourless and do not break when dropped. Nor are they irregular in shape or sticky to the touch and as the whole crayon is made of coloured wax they last a very long time. What's more, they glide very well over the paper, they are very good for drawing and sharpening them is super easy. Jovicolor wax crayons are available in a multitude of bright and lively colours, that can be mixed to draw on a very wide range of surfaces (paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, plaster...) And, as they cover well and colours can be layered they are suitable for the sgraffito technique. Simply irresistible!
Jovi Wax Crayons
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