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Cast Porcelain Vessel
This is the start of my casting story...

I made these cast porcelain tumblers as a nod to the old style glass I remember my grandfather using. The dimples round the base settle into your hand when you hold it.
My first shape is named for Geoff, then I formed a finer shape, this I named for my grandmother, Edith. These two wee tumblers take about 180ml
My third shape in this series I made when my niece wanted a water glass. This one holds about 600mls and I have named it Frankie for the name she and my dad share.
More to come…..

Casting porcelain has been a wonderful experience. My quirky shapes are well suited to the process and my brain rapidly throws up more design ideas. Luckily, it takes quite some time to resolve so not all will make it to the mud stage.

Each piece varies as they have come through a hand made casting, finishing and glazing process.

Approximate measurements
80mm tall
80mm widest

9 glaze effects
Nasturtium (orange/white)
Cecil's Rose (pink/white)
Waterfall (green/white)
Blue Eyes (blue)
Willow (a matte white)
Saddle (a glossy terracotta)
Mist (this one is yet to succeed!)

Off spec: Sometimes your glazing thoughts and your glazing realities fall far from each other!
At the moment there is a set of tumblers the instead of looking misty, look exactly like their glaze name should be “drove the landrover through the mud near the cattle stop”. You get my drift?

I can make your selection of tumblers in your glaze choices
Look out for casting workshops to learn how to make this style of pottery.
NZ$ 24.00 - 30.00

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