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See art and works created by local and nearby Artist, Makers & Designers

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Currently showing the the following works.

  • Carla Woollaston
    This collection are all made by me.
  • As an avid sorter of the waste stream that comes through my home and business I was really excited to find products that are locally made and are waste stream challengers. The team at 2nd Life Plastics produce some of the greatest buckets from 100% recycled plastic. Don't take the colours as gospel because you get the colour that the waste stream at the time offers. I love them! I will like to work with fundraisers to offer these instead of sugar loaded consumables - get in touch!
  • Lara Morgan
    Lara Morgan is a 21-year-old artist, born and raised in Palmerston North. She grew up loving to draw and paint and be creative, just waiting for the opportunity to take art in high school where she focused on printmaking. Since leaving high school, Lara has gone on to complete a BA in Creative Writing and Theatre Studies. Without access to a printing press, Lara has gone through a long process to discovering her own art style. Thanks to the Street Prints Papaioea festival early 2020, and later the nationwide lockdown, Lara went through an art renaissance which bought about her collages, combining her love for writing, theatre, poetry, music, and art.