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Lara Morgan

  • A Very Introductory Printmaking with Lino Cut
    “A Very Introductory Printmaking with Lino Cut”
    …the Christmas Card session

    Tutor: Lara Morgan
    2 hour introduction to Printmaking with Lino Cut

    In this session you will cut simple lino plates and experience printing from a variety of plates made in the session. Your prints can be made into festive cards or tags, with influences from Lara’s art style.
    A collaborative session where plate making, printing and constructing will be experienced.
    NZ$ 42.00 Per Pax
  • Botanical Inks
    “Botanical Inks”

    Tutor: Lara Morgan
    2 hour Experiment and experience making your own botanical inks

    Anything can be an art supply if you try hard enough. Plant matter included. After being inspired by a creator on TikTok, Lara began to explore creating inks with rose petals.

    Join her for a collaborative session making and testing the colours that nature inspired.
    NZ$ 52.00 Per Pax
  • Calligraphy 101
    “Calligraphy 101”

    Tutor: Lara Morgan
    60 minute introductory to Calligraphy

    Fancy handwriting doesn’t have to be difficult, and can make a great addition to a handwritten card, artwork, or just to flex. Come along and learn the basics of calligraphy and have a go!

    This one will be fairly simple, going through the process step by step of line making and hand lettering calligraphy.
    NZ$ 25.00 Per Pax
  • Starting an Art Journal
    “Starting an Art Journal”

    Tutor: Lara Morgan
    A 90 minute Art Collage Session to start off your journey.

    Expressing her art in colour, texture and mediums, Lara brings us through many facets of experience and emotion in her journal pages. Lara offers this session for you to set the scene for your own art journal journey. Like anything worthy the first step is significant.
    Lara shares her journal culture and will help you deal with that bright blank first page.
    Experience ink, paint, mark making, collage, journal culture, self-reflection.
    NZ$ 42.00 Per Pax