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In our shop in The Gap101 Arcade we have a wee bit of space and I have a tangible vision for how this will be used.

It is called Do-i, (with a little bit of Hui).

This is where we will Do Inspiration, Innovation, Information.....  You see where I'm going here?

Do-i will take bookings for a variety of artistic and creative communicatings (<<< I know that is not a real word).

As I better resolve the offer it will become possible for more people to make a booking and teach their creative skills.

At Christmas 2020 I am already working with Lara, Darren & Gill. Click through to the listing below to see what we are offering.

Some of the things I will like to be offering through Do-i are

  • morsbag pod
  • journal journeys
  • ceramic painting studio
  • Social Media coaching
  • kokedama workshops
  • make under doll painting
  • Moi-manne
  • needle felting
  • batik
  • sgrafitto
  • candle making
  • pinch pot pottery
  • tile making
  • flying your filbert

Some of the things I hear other people will like to be offering through Do-i

  • portrait sketching
  • card making
  • art therapy projects
  • know your polychromos
  • brush techniques
  • Wonderful water colours
  • .... let's add to this list!

Keep an eye on us in store and in the newsletter so when more things happen you wont miss out.

Click the title & scroll down in any listing to read through the full description

Code Description Price Buy
SBRW001 Glass Cutting - Single Session
NZ$ 55.00 Per Pax
Out Of Stock
SBRW003 Glass Cutting and Foiling Series
NZ$ 150.00 Per Pax
Out Of Stock
CWLL001 Ink Warm-ups
NZ$ 20.00 Per Pax
Out Of Stock
LMRG004 A Very Introductory Printmaking with Lino Cut
NZ$ 42.00 Per Pax
32 in stock
LMRG003 Botanical Inks
NZ$ 52.00 Per Pax
15 in stock
LMRG001 Calligraphy 101
NZ$ 25.00 Per Pax
24 in stock
CWLL007 Gift Cards with Water Colour Play
NZ$ 37.00 Per Pax
30 in stock
DWAL2011-4 Growing Art Skills with Graphite - Warm-up Workshop
NZ$ 32.00 Per Pax
NZ$ 20.00 Per Pax
30 in stock
LMRG002 Starting an Art Journal
NZ$ 42.00 Per Pax
56 in stock
CWLL009 ~Water Colour Play - Doodle Books~
NZ$ 54.00 Per Pax
12 in stock