At the back of the shop at 321 Main Street is a room with a table and a wee bit of space. Although just now it is filed to the brim with things that need sorting out, I have a tangible vision for how this will be used.

It is going to be called Do-i, (with a little bit of Hui)

This is where we will Do Inspiration, Innovation, Information.....

You see where I'm going here?

Do-i will take bookings for a variety of artistic and creative communicatings (<<< I know that is not a real word)

As I resolve the offer it will become possible for people to make a booking and teach their creative skills.

Some of the things I will like to be offering through Do-i are

  • morsbag pod
  • journal journeys
  • ceramic painting studio
  • Social Media coaching
  • kokedama workshops
  • make under doll painting
  • Moi-manne
  • needle felting
  • batik
  • sgrafitto
  • candle making
  • pinch pot pottery
  • tile making

Some of the things I hear other people will like to be offering through Do-i

  • portrait sketching
  • card making
  • art therapy projects
  • know your polychromos
  • brush techniques
  • Wonderful water colours
  • .... let's add to this list!

Keep an eye on us in store and in the newsletter so when things start to happen you wont miss out.

321 Main Street
Palmerston North

06 280 4212

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