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COVID19 Plan

Pandemic Plan for Creativity Services

Rahui / Covid19 Alert 4 Plan

#FlattenTheCurve or #ImIsolating

While New Zealand cares for our community with a Rahui all departments of will be operating in the following plan.

NO visits, workshops, or Pickups

Yes to working at home with

emails, phone calls, zoom meeting, youtube content, newsletters, promotional pricing, purchases ready for code 3, pre-orders of out of stock lines.

Yes to contact less sales of essential items

I am working at home, registered with MBIE & using contactless protocols.

Our alert 4 payment options are internet banking & POLi

Over the last day of code three we brought most of the art supplies home. 

I am ready to take some online & phone orders. Please declare if your order is non-essential and to ship on the first code 3 day or Essential to you staying connected, or to your work & study at home.

Also, there will be some toing and froing to work out if I have the stock actually here so please only pay after I have sent you a confirmation.

Rahui / Covid19 Alert 3 Plan


As we come out of Rahui I will be able to immediately ship and welcome pick ups of prepaid purchases.

I will place orders for out of stock lines that are pre-ordered.

I expect I will start regular Art Runs to Whanganui, Levin, Woodville & Rangitikei. As demand develops.  ... Imagine Mr Snow but art supplies coming to a town near you.

All departments of will operate in socially distancing methods.

A key success of Alert 3 for NZ will be contact tracing. I will record contact details of who I have had anyone I have seen in person. I will be able to send you an email /receipt as your easiest method for your own contact tracing.

NO visits or workshops.

Yes to

shipping, pickups, Art Runs, emails, phone calls, zoom meeting, youtube content, newsletters, promotional pricing, pre-orders of out of stock lines.

Our code 3 payment options are internet banking, POLi, Paywave with 2% fee) & cash. 

Covid19 Alert 3 Updates

I will be interested to see how many of my suppliers struggle with imports. I have done a lot of work lately to electronically manage back orders. I think this will come into use in the coming months.

nb. if any of our family or immediate contacts appear to have Covid19 we will move to operating in a personal version of code 4, even if NZ or our district are not. #ImIsolating

Rahui / Covid19 Alert 2 Plan

When New Zealand and our health risks allow a return to Alert 2 and even better Alert 1 we will review the best advice of the time and consider

  • Opening a walk in shop again
  • Teaching and workshops


My plan for the Alerts was last updated 18/4/2020


Where I am out of date to any government published details please consider letting me know including a link to what you have read.