In 2005 I started playing with mosaic. This is such a satisfying way to make pictures. 

One of the grooviest mosaic I have done was this Milagros Heart for a new cafe bar. 

Combining elements of upholstery, metal work, paint effects and mosaic, this piece is close to 2m tall.

See it in real life at Libre


...and may years earlier I took to lead lighting.

This window was a gift for my nieces and nephew for their play house. It is formed all from off cuts of glass and involves earth, wind, water and fire with hints of each of the children's initials

I teach glass cutting & copper foiling methods in partnership with Suzi Brown Glass

Teaching is on hold due to pandemic interruptions.

Suzi works in many styles of glass art.

Jump over to her page to see more of her story..

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