Ochre Art Supplies

Here is an end of an era. As Palmy farewells Ochre Art Supplies, our pop-up shop @thePop is doing the work to work on the inventory for March 2019 Come in store and have a fossick Everything you buy makes it better for both sides of the receivership. Get on the newsletter for member offers Watch for Auctions Attend our events



I am contracting to provide POS and marketing for


Ochre Art Supplies (in receivership) 

321 Main Street

Palmerston North

March Hours

Monday 10 - 5

Tuesday 10 - 1

Wednesday 10 - 3

Thursday 10 - 1

Friday 10 - 5

In support of the art supply sales I will be bringing you

a variety of Pop-ups, displays and interactive events

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here is the start...

7.07pm on the 7th of March

7.07pm on the 17th of March

7.07pm on the 27th of March

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Stock available for Mail order will be listed here soon

 We make many of the items offered in this website

If you want something, but with a bit of difference use the contact page to start a conversation


1041 Rangitikei LIne
Palmerston North


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