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    Carla Woollaston

    This collection are all made by me.
      My Oamaru Stone sculpting work, materials and teachings. Scroll down for all of the listings.
      I have started with Pottery. What I probably mean is I have started with pottery again. There was that tiny effort back in the picket fence years when I would escape once a week to play with mud.
      Yesteryear fabrics that make you go ngwaw!
    • Using the Art process to gain perspective and plan the next action. This is a unique way of assessing and mapping out a 'where to go next' idea.
    • Withy Way
      Withy (noun) a tough, flexible branch of an osier or other willow, used for tying, binding, or basketry. "it is fixed with withies tied to the common rafters"
    • Of plant and planting.... My love of propagating means my creativity spends a whole lot of time with plants. I find that time spent with plants is very cathartic.
    • Here a passion for recycling shows again. With an 'in' to the window industry we try to keep timbers from going to landfill. Keep an eye on our projects that use reclaimed timber and also upcycled joinery.
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