Sculpture Play 3D Workshops

Sculpture Play 3D is all about shape making with Oamaru Stone.

Read up on the details about the Workshops and Night Classes available in my Sculpture Play 3D Shed.

Getting dusty and deeply satisfied

How to join a workshop

  • Have you been to one of my Oamaru Stone workshops before? No? - you are a Newbee,  or Yes? - You are a Returnee.
  • Buy a Voucher for your Newbee or Returnee status.
  • Newbees are offered 6 Hour workshops, Returnees can buy either 6 hour or 3 hour workshops.
  • Once you have a voucher you can book in on any of the Proposed workshop dates.

What to expect with the workshop

  • I will send you some information/advice before the workshop so you can be ready to get the most out of your day.
  • Stone is sold seperately.
  • To finish your sculpture on the day, I recommend you work on a piece that costs about $20 - $25 (or less)
  • At the start of the workshop we discuss what shapes work with the limits of Oamaru Stone and also, what you might expect to get finished in the day. Then you can make your stone selection
  • I have eftpos available for stone and any other shopping you do on the day.
  • You can expect to experience my process for acheiving a sculpture in Oamaru Stone.
  • I will role model hand tool techniques
  • I share my selection of hand tools with you for the day
  • We will discuss styles and surface finishing
  • You will be guided in working safely with the materials and tools
  • The experience is informal and I am encouraging

Recycling & Waste

  • guests are encouraged to bring a bucket or robust bag as you will be offered "sculptor droppings" for your garden
  • please take home your own food & drink waste.
  • compost contributions are welcome to stay

Bookings and Cancellations

I set aside time to provide these workshop oportunities. My time is precious to me and I will like it to be cared for by guests. Please see the terms and conditions page for my booking and cancellation policy.

  • Newbee Voucher - Oamaru Stone Sculpting
    6 hour Oamaru Stone Sculpting at Newbury for 'new to me' students.
    9am - 4pm on confirmed days
    Learn about Oamaru Stone's use in 3D art, design, tool use and finishing techniques.
    Stone, sold separately.
    Vouchers expire 1 year from purchase.
    Your Invoice is your voucher. Please email me if you want a pretty version to print off for a gift.
    NZ$ 120.00 6 Hr Workshop
  • Returnee Voucher - Oamaru Stone Sculpting
    3 hour Oamaru Stone Sculpting at Newbury for returning students.
    Any 3 hour session on confirmed days or night class bookings.
    2 vouchers will cover a whole day workshop.
    Continue your skills in Oamaru Stone's use in 3D art, design, tool use and finishing techniques.

    Stone, sold separately.
    Vouchers expire 1 year from purchase.

    Casual $45 each
    Bundle of 6+ gets a 20% discount
    Bundle of 10+ gets a 40% discount

    Your invoice/docket is your voucher
    Printable vouchers can be emailed
    Printed photo stock vouchers can be posted - allow 7 days.
    NZ$ 45.00 3 Hr Workshop

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