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  • Jarma Bums in Blue Willow
    These sassy little JarmaBums are a retro blast of Blue Willow poly cotton sheeting

    Size six with a shallow crutch the fine line elastic is unobtrusive.

    NZ$ 70.00
    NZ$ 28.00
  • Jarma Bums in Buttery Floral
    These comfy JarmaBums are a retro blast of cream coloured poly cotton sheeting with floral designs

    Size 20 with a long crutch these should be beautifully comfortable as your favourite snuggle wear.

    NZ$ 70.00
    NZ$ 56.00
  • Ph'ofa
    Don't you love our Ph'ofas?
    Phone Sofas made by Kea from recycled Rimu.

    Stops your phone getting lost on your desk....
    Makes the alarm easy to turn off on your bedside table....
    Keeps your arm from getting achy while watching a pod cast....
    Holds your recipe at a great angle when you are rocking it in the kitchen....
    Go live on Facie without camera wobble...

    Sizes and formats vary - let me know if you need some help making your choice!

    NZ$ 12.00 Each


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