The Beautiful Junk-Mail Project

Dear Creatives,

I hope you are finding enough rest and peace in the Rahui to ease the problems we all share at this unfamiliar time. I am working from home. At present I am engaged in a thorough stock take of the products I was able to bring home. 

Untill I finish this work the buy button has been disabled.

I will send a newsletter once I am ready to receive orders again.You are welcome to email me in advance to get in the queue for the stock I do have available.

Please read the Pandemic Plan on the home page.

Keep well & keep creating!

Kindest regards, Carla

Here is the plan!

Join the mailing list, follow Ochre Art Supplies of Facebook or Instagram as this is where the prize announcements and the winner announcements will happen.

Entering the competition is open to anyone of any age who can visit Ochre Art Supplies 321, Main Street Palmerston North to drop their entry in...... And, come to visit again to pick up a prize if they are the winner.

You would

  • Choose one of the competition sheets from this gallery. (the options will grow over time)
  • Have a look at who the local artist is
  • Colour in the picture and maybe the rest if you like
  • Take a photo of your work to keep
  • Read the T&C and have your grown up read and accept for you if you are aged under 18
  • Visit the shop to drop your entry in (limit of 5 entries per person per day)

I will

  • Cut off your entry and keep it in the draw for up to a year
  • Use your colouring in to make my shop's junk mail the most Beautiful Junk-Mail in town
  • For each newsletter, I will draw and announce one winner of the offered prize 

You might even

  • email your friends the link to your favourite Beautiful Junk-Mail
  • share about your colouring on social media with the hashtag #beautifuljunkmail

Will you like to be a contributing artist?

Here is the plan

You would

  • Make a drawing suitable for colouring in. I can give you some feedback on the scale and proportions that will work for me
  • Provide me with a bit of a business card style detail that I can include
  • Write a blurb to highlight you and your work to include in this website
  • Give me a royalty free license to use this piece of work in my business 
  • Keep me updated of any contact detail changes

I will 

  • Keep your details updated
  • Keep your blurb undated
  • Maintain links to your website or social media
  • Offer your art into my Beautiful Junk-Mail Project

I will work out a T&C for this part of the project and post those on here soon.

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Palmerston North

06 280 4212

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